Kerry is also involved in a corporate wellness program

which offers employers meaningful employee and

family health education programs. If you think your company can benefit from the services offered please ask for more information!


The Mission of the

American Holistic Nurses Association

is to advance holistic nursing through

community building, advocacy, research, and education


Our vision is a world in which

nursing nurtures wholeness and

inspires peace and healing


 Through Kerry's own personal journey as a holistic registered nurse & a mother of four boys, Kerry has learned the importance of balancing traditional medicine with complementary alternative therapies. It has become her passion to share that knowledge with her clients. Specializing in cancer & chronic pain, as well as the emotional healing after trauma or loss, many of the same principles for healing yourself from within can be applied to almost any diagnosis in your family. 


Are you living with Cancer or Diabetes?

Are you grieving the loss of a loved one? 

Are you healing from an emotional trauma?

Do you suffer with chronic pain or migraines?

Are you struggling with medication side effects or weight-loss? 

 A personalized nursing assessment & treatment plan incorporating various holistic nursing modalities will be tailored just for you to reach your specific health goals. Nutritional recommendations & lifestyle modifications that work for you cn be discussed during your coaching sessions. Aromatherapy & the use of essential oils, crystals, guided meditations, sound, light & color therapy, breathing techniques, & music therapy can be incorporated into your healing energy session to personalize your experience. Your family, children, & even your pets can benefit from holistic methods!  Kerry is also a wellness advocate of doTERRA esssential oils, Mannetech nutritional supplements, Juice Plus+ and Towergarden. She can teach you how to easily incorporate these products into your family's daily wellness routine! Click on the resource links for more info!

Kerry works on the medical advisory panel of to promoting the most current research for prevention and cures and help you stay informed!

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