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Why choose doTERRA®?


Frankincense and Myrrh are on the mind!

'Tis the season of giving and I'm going to share the health

& the wealth with all of you exclusively ! 
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Because of the scientific research studies & quality testing behind their products...I choose doTERRA®!

(If you are a science geek like me

you can find the resources here!)  


 These oils can be used for many health benefits & it's so easy to incorporate them into your daily life to:

*Reduce muscle aches & pains

*Promote Restful sleep
*Support and balance hormones
*Ease feelings of depression and anxiety
*Support your children’s health and wellness
*Boost metabolism for weight loss

 *Manage hunger cravings

*Reduce toxicity in your home with homemade body & cleaning products

Step 1: CLICK the button above, enter your country and hit continue. 
Step 2: Select “Wholesale Customer” (cannot sell doTERRA) or “Wellness Advocate” (can sell doTERRA) and then hit continue.              PS. if at any time you decide to sell the oils, you can simply upgrade to a Wellness Advocate account at any time.

Step 3: Input your contact and shipping info. 
Step 4:  Select your wholesale starter kit
Step 5: Enter in your payment information and then hit “Process Order Now and Continue“

                                                                           You’re Done! That’s it! 

You will receive a confirmation email from doTERRA– you can log into your account right away to manage your orders. 

You will also receive a welcome email from Kerry within 24 hours with a link to set up a welcome call and to answer any questions! 

                       Congratulations on taking the next step and sharing these natural solutions with your family!    

Essential Oils

If you aren’t interested in becoming a wholesale member... That's OK!

You can purchase individual oils and products at retail price by clicking below. 

**Poor quality essential oils (or oils with added ingredients) are not considered therapeutic & may cause harmful side effects, or at best provide only minimal therapeutic benefit** 

                                                         The Most Affordable Way to obtain doTERRA products… 

Most people start by becoming Wholesale Customers and purchasing a wholesale starter kit!

(Feel free to contact me first to see which kit may be right for YOU!)

When you purchase a wholesale starter kit you get: 

*Your wholesale membership fee of $35 is waived
*Your wholesale membership allows you to save 25%-55% on all future orders
*A welcome packet from Kerry with one sample spray bottle and roller bottle FREE!
*Our most popular and loved oils in a discounted bundle 
*FREE 20-min phone consultation with Kerry to get you started!
*Invitation to join our private essential oil education group 
*Regular product and essential oil webinars so you can use your oils with confidence and continue to learn about them!

**There is NEVER any obligation to sell the oils or to have a monthly order**

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to welcome

 the New Year!

January 8th 7:00pm  

The doTERRA® collection of essential oils represents the finest aromatic extracts available in the world today and they are truly

a "Gift of the Earth"!