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Raise your vibration with Reiki!

Contact me to register and receive preparation instructions for our next class !
Individual or Private Classes with your own group can also be scheduled as requested.

Class is about 4-5 hours - $333

Usui Reiki Level One

In this class you will:
*Learn the origins and meaning of Usui Reiki
*Learn about the Chakra System and how to protect and clear yourself
*Learn & practice how to give Reiki to yourself & others
*Connect more deeply with your spiritual self
*Make connections within our Reiki community
*Receive your Level 1 Reiki attunement
Class is about 8-9 hours - $555

Usui Reiki Level Two

In this class you will:
*Review the Reiki One Class
*Learn how to use the Reiki Symbols with intention
*Learn how to offer a Complete Reiki Session and begin a practice
*Learn how to perform Distant Reiki
*Learn many other uses for Reiki
*Receive your Level 2 Reiki attunement

 Let the healing (and the magic) begin!

I look forward to sharing in your transformation…

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration - Nikola Tesla


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